[7] Advanced and Useful Linux — Ubuntu Commands

List of Advanced Linux commands

1. sudo

2. vi (Vim Editor)

  • Press i : Used to enter insert mode in Vim editor. Use the Esckey to exit out of insert mode.
  • Press dd : Delete a line quickly.
  • Press yy : Copy a line/lines inside the editor.
  • Press p/P : Paste command
  • Press u : Undo command
  • Press Ctrl+r : Redo command
  • Press :wq : Save and quit Vim editor.
  • Press :q : Quit Vim editor without saving a file.

3. cat

cat /etc/passwd

4. useradd

useradd username

5. passwd

passwd username

6. userdel

userdel username

7. whatis

whatis <command>
  • whatis cd
  • whatis man
  • whatis help



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