How to use JavaScript Slick library to make interactive Carousel

What are the prerequisites of Slick.js ?

Include the script and styling

  • To download the slick.js and slick.css file from here and copy both files into the project. Then use this below script.
  • Another way is to use the CDN links that are easy and don’t require any other file.

Let’s understand with the example

<div class=”carousel-container”>
<div class=”slide”>Slide-1</div>
<div class=”slide”>Slide-2</div>
<div class=”slide”>Slide-3</div>
<div class=”slide”>Slide-4</div>
<div class=”slide”>Slide-5</div>
<div class=”slide”>Slide-6</div>
// initialize the slick function$(“.carousel-container”).slick({
autoplay: true,
slidesToShow: 3,
slidesToScroll: 1,
speed: 350,



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