Important Basic Git Commands — Developers should know

Git Workflow

We have already talked about Git (earlier in the article), which helps to tracks and work on the same workspace where developers or organizations use to collaborate on developing applications.

  • Working Directory: The state where we perform add, delete, modify operations on files.
  • Staging Area: After modifying the files, we need to stage or commit the changes before pushing them into the Git directory.
  • Git Directory (Repositories): The section where Git stores the committed changes in the repositories.

Git Basic Commands

Git has many commands, but those that are useful or mainly used by developers or programmers in the workspace are:

  • Git Init
  • Git Clone
  • Git Status
  • Git Add
  • Git Commit
  • Git Checkout
  • Git Push
  • Git log
  • Git Pull
  • Git Stash
  • Git Rm
  • Git Diff
  • Git Reset
  • Git Merge
  • Git Config



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