Understanding Agile Methodology in Project Management

Table of Contents

1. What is Agile?

2. How is Agile different from the traditional model?

In the traditional method (Waterfall Model), we can initiate the process only when one stage will complete. It doesn’t follow continuous development.

If the requirement changes then, it is hard to do again from the initial stage.

It depends on the requirement analysis and planning done at the beginning of the cycle.

The risk of failure is high, any changes to be incorporated go through strict change control management.

In the Agile model, Analysis, Design, coding, testing is continuous activities.

In Agile, as we have already divided it into small tasks, so it would be easy for the developers to change the requirements in a short time.

Agile uses an adaptive approach there is clarity on future tasks only in respect of what features need to be developed.

Minimal Risk, the team certainly changes the requirement without any failure of the whole feature.

3. Key Concepts of Agile



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